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Zillow’s Flips Are Causing Flops


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Originally, Zillow was an advertising business that served as a middleman between real estate professionals and prospective homeowners. As of last July, the company expanded to Zillow Offers, a program wherein homeowners can sell their homes to Zillow. Upon conclusion of the sale, Zillow improves the homes and flips them.

Zillow’s Q2 revenue is almost $600 million, an increase of 84% from last year. However, its losses spiked to $72 million, or an increase of 136% compared to last year. With Zillow’s share price falling 14% after the release of this information, there is growing concern among investors.

It appears that there is a large disparity between demand for Zillow’s services and completed transactions. While many investors believe that Zillow should re-focus on its advertising roots, executives at the company intend to persevere and are introducing an app that will permit purchasers to view homes owned by Zillow without an agent.

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