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What Is It Like to Hire an Attorney Virtually?


On Monday, July 20, Guzov, LLC Founder Debra Guzov spoke at a virtual panel hosted by the New York City Bar Association: “Challenges to Law Practice in the Age of Covid.” Attorneys from firms both small and large contributed their insights on the shift to remote law practice and what the legal field may look like in the coming months. The webinar was featured in this Law360 article. Ms. Guzov mentioned that many lawyers are considering remaining in a mostly remote workplace for the short to medium term. While the in-person practice is not gone forever, legal consumers can expect to solicit legal services and work with their attorneys mostly online. 

The prospect of hiring a lawyer you may never meet in person may be distressing. Especially during a public health and economic crisis, choosing a lawyer to represent your interests is a crucial investment. However, shifting your interactions with your attorney online need not be a negative experience. 

The legal industry has been known to be slow to adapt to technological changes. Careful procedure and tradition are hallmarks of the trade. In the past few months, however, we have seen even the most traditionally-minded lawyers and judges learn to use video conferencing to meet clients, consult with other attorneys, and attend court hearings. Whether your lawyer is working on negotiating a contract or filing on your behalf in court, you can still discuss and review documents easily with your attorney. Through screen-sharing on video conferencing, clients and attorneys can view a document at the same time and make live changes.

In addition, lawyers have greater flexibility when it comes to meeting virtually. Because attorneys are neither commuting to the office nor traveling for meetings and court appearances, they have more availability to confer with their clients. For example, your attorney may now be able to more easily accommodate a 6pm meeting when they don’t have a train to catch at 6:30. 

We understand that navigating a legal issue during a pandemic is not ideal. However, professional legal advice does not need to add to your financial anxieties. At Guzov, LLC we can work with you to develop a plan that fits your needs.

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