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The NYC Human Rights Law in the Coop/Condo Workplace


Photo by Stafno Intintoli, from Unsplash

In June, the New York City Council updated the Human Rights Law to protect employees from retaliation in response to requests for work accommodations.  Accommodations encompassed by the Human Rights Law include any requests based upon disabilities, medical conditions, or religion. Typical acts considered retaliatory are cutting hours, benefits, or termination of employment in response to an employee’s request.

The Human Rights Law applies to employees of all businesses with four or more employees, including coops and condominiums. The best way to avoid potential claims under the Human Rights Law is to keep the lines of communication open between employer and employee. Always evaluate accommodation requests carefully, keeping in mind the requirements of the law. Simply listening will stave off potential fines and penalties and will undoubtedly improve the work environment.

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