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Role of the President


Each Coop board has distinct roles which allow for vital operations to continue.  At the top of the list is the board president.  Naturally, duties vary from board to board.  However, there are some common duties that are universal for most board presidents.

The first priority for a board president is to carry out his/her duties in accordance with state law and the governing documents of the co-op or condo association. A president is also responsible for enforcing the rules for residents, and doing so uniformly and fairly, including obeying the same rules themselves.

A president must also communicate with all related parties, openly and often.  To ensure that the co-op is operating properly, the president must consult with the accountant, managing agent, contractors, and attorneys so that he or she is informed and understands what the daily needs of the building are. A good president also ensures open communication with the other directors and shareholders not only during monthly board meetings, but between them as well. The president must know what is happening in the building, keep residents informed and have a sense of the their concerns.

Frequently, the president is called upon to make quick, yet educated, decisions on behalf of the board.  When a crisis strikes, the president must swiftly act to oversee the emergency response, and consult with professionals on the scene. As the building leader, the president will be looked to for leadership and answers.

Other presidential responsibilities include ensuring actions of the board are legally carried out, acting as the board’s agent in supervising building staff, approving expense reimbursements, speaking for the building community and assuming executive responsibilities to manage the building. He or she must ensure that control is maintained and that the board’s business is discussed and completed efficiently.

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