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Residences are Going Green


Photo by Chris Barbalis, from Unsplash.

Sustainability has become an important component of real estate development across the country. .

Dan Piselli, the Director of Sustainability for FX Collaborative. Piselli believes that “going green” can doubly effective for co-op and condominium owners, as many means of energy efficiency saves tenants money. Everything from commonplace LED lights to rainwater runoff are major contributors. Many new buildings are being built with this in mind, and even more are being retrofitted with a green compliance.

One example is in Portland, with a 14-unit condominium project named Carbon12. Not only is it almost entirely made out of wood and environmentally-friendly materials, it is the tallest wooden structure in the United States at eight stories tall. Its designers are confident that it is equally, if not better, prepared for weather and natural disasters, weighing in at only 1/4 what a concrete-made equivalent condo might.

Is Portland the first in a long line of cities to pioneer an entire building of clean construction and environmentally conscious living? Maybe, but we can hope the sentiment catches on.

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