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The attorneys at Guzov, LLC serve as general counsel to hundreds of cooperative and condominium boards, assisting with issues including:

  • Corporate governance
  • Negotiating AIA contracts related to major capital improvements
  • Liaising with community boards
  • Defending and prosecuting litigation
  • Preparing and negotiating access agreements
  • Negotiating with sponsors of new condominiums when there are construction defects

We represent buildings of all sizes, from 500-unit apartments to four-unit brownstones. We also represent individual unit owners and shareholders in litigation with their buildings. In addition, Guzov, LLC advises developers and helps them in all facets of the development process, from corporate formation and financing to navigating New York City agencies. 

Some of our condominium matters include:

  • Served as counsel for a condominium in negotiations with a restaurant operator to limit adverse impact of rooftop restaurant on the condominium and neighborhood.
  • Successfully represented a condominium in claims against their developer for negligent construction; secured injunctive relief and ultimately achieved a multi-million-dollar settlement for cash and repairs.
  • Represented a commercial condominium owner in a claim against a condominium for reallocation of interests referable to a garage.
  • Represented a condominium board in common charge lien foreclosure where the owner of two multi-million-dollar units failed to pay assessments, maintaining that the assessments were improperly imposed because they were not passed by a unanimous vote of the condominium owners.
  • Represented a condominium purchaser who acquired multiple units valued at $30 million in a claim of fraud against the sponsor of the condominium.
  • Represented a condominium board against a commercial unit owner to enjoin the opening of a fast-food restaurant based upon the restaurant’s violation of a zoning ordinance.

Some of our co-op matters include:

  • Secured injunctive relief on behalf of a cooperative against an adjoining property owner stemming from failure to properly protect the cooperative building during construction.
  • Represented a cooperative in a claim for declaratory relief against the developer for declaration that windows could not be deemed to be lot line windows.
  • Represented a townhouse owner against an adjoining high-rise cooperative that sought a right of way through the townhouse owner’s building.
  • Represented a sponsor — the owner of commercial units — in claims against a cooperative for interference with construction in the commercial space.
  • Defended a penthouse owner in claims asserted by a community board and the New York City landmarks commission for installation of a roof structure.
  • Represented a cooperative shareholder in claims asserted by the board stemming from the conversion of an outdoor penthouse space into a sunroom.