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Perk Up with new Real Estate Incentives

Guzov's Good Advice

Ask any real estate agent, the art of the property sale is a veritable wild west of negotiations. When better than the millennial-driven 2019 to give some truly inspired perks to making a deal.

In today’s market, luxury properties usually come with their own unique features which certainly enhance the values of the properties. But can you really put a price on something like… harmonic knowledge of your environment? Jersey City Urby certainly thinks so, offering complimentary workshops in floral arranging and the Chinese interior decorating art of Feng Shui. If food for the soul doesn’t strike you, perhaps food for the stomach will. Woodbridge Homes has a year-long offer of locally homemade avocado toast, complete with a condominium for you to eat it. If a private jet is what you require, some buildings will even put you in contact with a private jet concierge.

To think some buyers in New York are just seeking a decent view when they could be hustling for so much more.

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