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New Development in East New York

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A new development is in the works at 50 Pennsylvania Avenue in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. Pennrose Properties pre-filed permits for to transform the single-story commercial space into a nine-story building measuring up to 94-feet tall and 211,400 square feet.[1] The permits indicate the developers will construct a mixed-use building, with 156,540 square feet for 218 residential units and 22,260 for commercial space. On the second floor, residents will have access to various amenities such as a lobby, laundry facilities and a gym. The space will also reserve parking for residents for 15 vehicles and 109 bicycles.

Dattner Architects will lead the design for the new development. Dattner explains their mission for each of their projects:

“Committed to integrating sustainable practices into our work, we believe it is our responsibility to design sustainably. We implement a flexible, project-specific approach that combines passive and low-tech solutions with more active systems, analysis, and controls.” [2]

The new development’s design will integrate Dattner’s passion to limit greenhouse gas emissions. According to YIMBY, the new development will incorporate a “passive exterior recreation space … and solar panels on the rooftop.”[3] The permit indicates that the building may be constructed to meet Passive House standards. Passive House is a voluntary, international building standard that encompasses a set of design principles engineered to meet a high level of energy efficiency. Although to construct buildings to this standard can be more costly to developers, the building will ultimately save on energy consumption, which not only benefits residents but the environment.

50 Pennsylvania Avenue is located near the Alabama subway station, which can be easily accessed by the J and Z lines, and the Liberty Avenue station, serviced by the C line. The proximity to the train lines will make the location appealing to prospective residents. This project is not the only new development on the horizon for East New York. Over the past year the area has seen an increase in new developments. In late July, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development announced that approximately 900 affordable units will be built in Brownsville, Brooklyn. It will consist of three separate developments, each of which “will address critical needs in the neighborhood like economic development, arts and culture, and health.”[4]

As of yet, demolition permits have not been filed for 50 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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