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Much Ado About Elevator Safety in 2020

Guzov's Good Advice

All building owners with elevators take note: the Department of Buildings issued a 2016 safety mandate regarding the security of automatic elevators, specifically requiring a computerized system to maintain and monitor doors in the event of a failure in their contact circuits.[1]  This mandate is almost a guarantee that any elevator with a microprocessor designed before 2001 or a controller installed before 1996 will be subject to mandatory work..

With the January 1, 2020 deadline drawing near, there is a considerable backlog for elevator maintenance companies. , As a result, it is essential to arrange for relevant inspections and work immediately. In this regard even a single building could take longer than a week.

[1] Sidransky, A.J. (May 2019), Companies Are Trying to Meet Elevator Safety Deadline by 2020.

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