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Guzov’s Good Advice

Guzov's Good Advice


Debra Guzov’s Business Tips on

Guzov’s Good Advice

Something that all chefs, not just chef-owners, need to watch out for is the non-compete clause found in many contracts. Lawyer Debra Guzov recommends negotiating a non-compete out of the agreement.

  • “If you’re working in a city like New York you don’t want to be precluded from working in a certain area because of your contract. You don’t want to be kept out of your sweet spot.”
  • “Don’t rush into a business decision. A lot of people who are creative or provide a service are not always thinking of the very important business details.”
  • “Everyone has to have a shared vision or things tend to go astray.”
  • “Sometimes in an effort to get the business started people will take money on terms that are disagreeable: the interest rates are onerous, you’re giving people with the money an equity stake in the business that is large and will eventually tie your hands behind your back.”
  • “Pause and think if this business partnership is the right one for you.”

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