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Debra J. Guzov Quoted in New York Times “Ask Real Estate” Section about Co-op Repairs

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The New York Times “Ask Real Estate” column features Debra J. Guzov providing insight to a Midtown East co-op resident asking who bears responsibility for the maintenance and repair of a shower when the water is scalding, or the shower fails to work altogether. A trusted advisor and litigator who represents cooperative and condominium Boards as well as managing agents and real estate developers, primarily in New York City, on the myriad of issues that come up for boards, associations, unit holders, and shareholders, Guzov has worked with hundreds of New York’s buildings and individual owners.  

Her answer to “In a Co-op Building, Who Should Pay To Fix a Problem With the Plumbing?” starts with a reminder to read the co-op’s proprietary lease as that outlines which responsibilities fall on the co-op, and which fall on the shareholders. She suggests that the reader have a licensed plumber investigate the source of the problem and ask around to see if any neighbors are having the same issue. “If it’s not widespread,” Guzov explains, “the co-op board could argue that it’s an issue with a shower head or faucet, which could be your responsibility, Or, if the plumbing needs to be repaired because of something a former occupant did to it, the co-op could hold you responsible,” but adds that although the resident has the option to hire a lawyer or make a complaint through 311, “it’s always best to try to negotiate a solution with the managing agent.”  

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