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Is My Airbnb Legal? Chances are, it’s not.

In New York City residential property located in an apartment building must be used for “permanent resident purposes.” According to New York State’s “Multiple Dwelling Law,” (“MDL”), which was passed in 2010, it’s illegal for an apartment to be rented out for fewer...

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Does your Co-Op have puppy fever?

We New Yorkers love our pets.  However, our buildings and fellow residents may not feel the same way.  There are quite a lot of “pet friendly” buildings in New York City, but even “pet friendly” buildings are likely to have some rules and regulations governing their...

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Buying a Co-Op?

If you’re thinking of buying an apartment in a building with commercial space, or if you’re on the board of one choosing a commercial tenant, you'll need to evaluate them in terms of nuisance factor, revenue potential if the building is a co-op, and curb appeal. If...

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Whose bill is it anyway?

Knowing who has the responsibility to pay for various expenses can be tricky in a cooperative or condominium building.  Typically, the basic rule is: if you own it, you maintain financial responsibility for it.  Everything within the walls of a unit is the...

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