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When a Shareholder Dies

A last will and testament may control the transfer of ownership, but it does not give an automatic right to occupancy of the apartment. If a shareholder or unit owner lived alone, then, under most circumstances, the heir cannot just move into the apartment after the...

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House Rules: The Co-Op Authority

Think of a Co-Op as the “house rules.” Typically, these regulations are aimed at protecting the safety of residents and generally keeping order. Few would argue with most house rules; ones that restrict residents from holding a “garage sale” in the lobby, for example,...

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My Co-Op Said NO!

Let’s first assume that you meet all the requirements of city ordinances and zoning restrictions.  Can you run your business from your home?  The answer to this mostly depends mostly on what type of business we’re talking about, and how permissive your co-op board...

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Don’t Overstay Your Welcome: Guests in Co-ops

Co-op bylaws are often written to encourage owner occupancy and preserve value for all shareholders. Understanding the nature of a co-op unit as a home, most co-op documents have provisions that allow for guests of shareholders to stay for a certain period of time,...

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To Convert or Not to Convert

Is your co-op considering the transition to a condo?  These days the allure of living in a co-op just isn’t quite what it used to be.  It can be difficult to sell your apartment, buy an apartment, sublet the apartment, or pretty much anything else, as co-op life...

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Co-Ops and Greener Living

On August 16, 2010, former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg signed Local Law 43, “NYC Clean Heat,” which requires that all buildings in New York City transition away from No. 6 heating oil in favor of cleaner grades of heating oil or cleaner fuel.  The law was put in place...

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