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Lookout Below: Falling Debris Kills

As children, most of us often heard the old adage “look both ways before you cross the street.”  Sage advice, to be sure, but what if the danger you face comes from the front of a building and not a moving car? Not all buildings are made with tidy brick walls.  They...

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Overstated: Overpriced

Taxes may be inevitable, but that does not make them infallible. Most people may not question their property taxes, but doing so may be to your benefit.      The New York City Department of Finance is charged with estimating values of New York City residential and...

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Neighborhood Construction: Blasting Through the Rubble

Whether it’s a structure demolition, an excavation, or the alteration of an existing building, large construction projects sometimes cause big problems and inconvenience your neighbors. In worst case scenarios, the dispute can even become the subject of a lawsuit. But...

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Coop Budgeting: Operating v. Capital

In the context of a cooperative or condo association, the term “budget” may refer to one of two things: the operating budget or the capital budget.   The operating budget covers recurring monthly expenses such as payroll and salaries, taxes, utilities, insurance and...

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I Spy, Security Cameras

We previously discussed privacy concerns surrounding security cameras and your right to privacy as a condo unit owner or a cooperative shareholder, but what about their intended purpose for surveillance and security?  These cameras can bring a comforting sense of...

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The War on Puffing

The battle between smokers and non-smokers has been raging for the better part of two decades, and it seems that the non-smokers have all but won. Boards are introducing new clauses in proprietary leases, or bylaw amendments, prohibiting smoking completely – and not...

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