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Can You Have Guests Over?

Who’s allowed to live in your co-op or condo? Most people may think that they have full control of their apartment once the keys are handed over, but that may not be entirely true. Co-ops and condos have very specific rules about subletting and renting out the...

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Condo Development at Theological Seminary

The Morningside Heights neighborhood will see a new condo tower go up. The Union Theological Seminary Campus is in talks to sell 350,000 square feet of its air rights that will go towards a 35-40 story residential building. L & M Development Partners is the...

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Google NYC Expansion Plan

This past Monday, Google announced that it would lease office space from St. John’s Terminal at 555 Washington Street. This major expansion announcement would make Google the largest commercial tenant in NYC. The Google campus would be over 1.7 million square feet,...

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What is Happening to Bitcoin?

The world of cryptocurrency seems to be taking off. The use of blockchain technology is one of the biggest aspects that came out of the popularization of crypto. Many different industries have started to use blockchain, and the ledger, to reinvent themselves. This can...

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What is the True Value of Your Home?

What is an appraisal, and why should you get one? An “appraisal is defined as an estimate of value, as for sale, assessment, and taxation.”[1] It is related to real estate in general, and to co-ops and condos specifically. Appraisals are usually required by financial...

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The New Pet Policy

Pet policies vary from building to building. Some building don’t allow pets at all, while others have very specific rules on the type of animal, its breed, size, temperament, etc. This can be very frustrating for a home buyer that has found the perfect apartment, but...

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