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ChatGPT and the Law: The Importance of a Human Touch

In recent years, the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI), like ChatGPT, has sparked several questions surrounding its potential economic benefit and ethical implications. While ChatGPT and other AI chatbots could potentially be valuable resources to legal...

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EIDL Repayment: Don’t Sit Idly By

An Interview with Glamis Haro, Senior Business Advisor, Columbia University Harlem-Small Business Development Center During the height of the pandemic, the SBA instituted a loan program for businesses in need of immediate assistance. Now, after a thirty-month...

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The PPP Appeal Process, Explained

On August 11, the SBA released an Interim Final Rule detailing its process for appealing PPP loan decisions.  The PPP is structured so that individual lenders disburse the funds, while the SBA backs those funds. If the lender denies some or all of a business’s...

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