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A New Bronx Development Providing Supportive and Affordable Housing

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COOKFOX, the architectural firm committed to designing sustainable projects that are responsive to both environmental and social issues, partnered with the non-profit organization Breaking Ground to develop two affordable and supportive housing developments, known as the Webster Residences, at Park Avenue and East 178th Street. The first building, known as Park House, was completed last year and provided 227 affordable units to New York residents.[1] The second building, Webster Avenue, is now finished and open to individuals who need housing. Combined, the two environmentally sustainable developments provide 418 supportive and affordable units. Breaking Ground and COOKFOX have transformed what was previously an industrial site into a safe haven for the community.

Breaking Ground, provides over 3,500 affordable and supportive housing across New York and Connecticut for people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or have low-incomes.[2] The organization ensures that 98% of their clients are housed for one year and currently have plans to develop another 1,500 supportive and affordable units. Webster Avenue, measuring at 101,860 square-feet, is now offering 90 units to the “formerly homeless and special needs individuals, including those living with HIV/Aids” and 80 units to “serve low-income working adults from the Bronx community.”[3] Breaking Ground opened the affordable housing lottery in January for the 80 low-income units, with rent starting at $675 a month.[4]

COOKFOX explain that: “Creating safe, secure and healthy residences was the highest priority. The interiors are designed to ensure a healthy indoor environment with low- or non-VOC materials, access to nature and natural light, and elements of biophilic design including natural analogue finishes.”[5] The developers were mindful of the design to “promote resident well-being through restorative connections to nature.”[6] The building has traditional amenities such as recreational space, a gym, computer lab, and courtyard, but the developers also incorporated social and supportive services on the ground floor that are available to the residents. Both developments feature green roofs and small public gardens, and were designed to Zone Green specifications.

For images of the new development, click here.

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