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A New 160-Foot Tall Development in Harlem

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Permits have been filed for a new development in Harlem, located at 56 West 125th Street. Demolition plans were filed this May to transform the 4-story site into a 160-foot tall, 17-story mixed-use residential building. The project is being developed by the Jay Group and Charles Mallea Architects. Charles Mallea have worked on a number of residential buildings in New York, and are known for their clean and modern style.[1]

This new development will be one of the tallest in the area. The plans for the 139,200 square foot space include 141 residential rental units and commercial retail space on the ground floor. Each unit will be around 716 square feet and the building will also feature a lobby for residents, storage space, recreational rooms and parking for 71 bicycles.[2] Since plans for demolition of the existing structure have already been approved, it is likely that work on the new development will begin soon.

Neighborhoods in New York and constantly changing. Taller structures are being developed in this area to provide greater space for residents and businesses. These new developments are altering the aesthetic of the neighborhood, but 56 West 125th Street is not the first building to challenge the status quo. The 17-story structure will be across from an existing 14-story building (55 West 15th Street) and near the 19-story Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building.[3] 233 West 125th Street is undergoing redevelopment of Harlem’s Victoria Theatre, which is transforming into the 26-story hotel and 25-story residential building that will provide 192 residential units. Aufgang, the architects of the project are preserving the old theater and integrating it into the new development.[4] YIMBY notes that 56 West 125th Street “is one of several substantial new buildings filed for the neighborhood, showing the economic revitalization of Harlem is far from over.”[5]

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