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A Bright Start for Solar Power


Photo by Angie Warren, from Unsplash

In 2019, reducing one’s carbon footprint is essential, and that’s where new innovations and enterprising companies, like Brooklyn SolarWorks, come into play. These companies have developed a canopy system that allows for maximum solar collection while leaving the roof otherwise accessible for recreation and emergency access. One hundred of these solar-panel canopies have been installed in Park Slope alone. While the prices of these canopy solar panels are quite with government incentives and projected savings on monthly energy costs, a building owner could come out with a profit in just a few years.

For those who seek solar power but do not own their property or do not have the correct building configuration to install solar panels or canopies, buildings can now receive solar power remotely from companies such as Daroga Power.

The world is witnessing major strides in residential power, and it is only a matter of time before solar energy panels are a mandated standard for future building construction.

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