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The quality and diversification of our labor and employment practice has earned Guzov, LLC, an outstanding reputation in the business and legal communities. We have significant experience working within the industrial, hospitality, entertainment, telecommunication, healthcare, manufacturing, and educational sectors, serving clients ranging from multinational corporations to small independent business and service entities. With capacious knowledge in litigation relating to all areas of labor and employment law, our expertise is frequently sought in connection with corporate transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and the purchase and sale of business entities. When you partner with Guzov, we supply pragmatic advice in dealing with operational and human resource matters in the context of compliance with applicable state and federal laws. Dictated by your specific needs, we participate with management in planning and implementing policies concerning all aspects of labor and employee relations, including:

  • Negotiation and preparation of employment contracts and termination agreements
  • Preparation of employee manuals and handbooks
  • Representation of clients in arbitration and unfair labor practices cases
  • Development of drug testing, policies and procedures
  • Training programs for management and supervisory personnel
  • Advice with respect to compliance with federal and state statutes, including Title VII and New York State anti-discrimination laws, wage and hour laws, Federal Medical Leave Act, The Americans With Disabilities Act, ERISA and immigration regulations and procedures.