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Headed by a team of acclaimed law professionals with extensive knowledge in navigating the complicated local market, Guzov, LLC, houses one of the most respected cooperative and condominium practices in New York State. With nearly two decades of collective expertise and experience, our attorneys will supply you with the advice and support to help you manage all of your real estate dealings to optimal efficiency. In our work we have encountered virtually every cooperative or condominium issue, preparing us to serve as a valued resource in understanding the terrain and identifying potential roadblocks to nimbly avoid.

Our dedicated real estate attorneys regularly attend Board and annual meetings to ensure the highest standards of legal conduct of the proceedings and election process are maintained. We stand by your side, providing guidance for the effective management of meetings, as well as in avoiding disputes and litigation with shareholders or unit owners.

Whether you require guidance in purchases and sales or assistance in resolving complex disputes, our firm is dedicated to identify the cost-effective, inventive solution to promptly address your specific needs.