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Commercial Litigation
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When the question of litigation arises, Guzov, LLC, focuses on providing optimal solutions to your most complex business problems. We initiate each relationship by conducting a thorough consultation in order to gain a clear understanding of what you wish to accomplish through the litigation process, and then focus our efforts on establishing a winning strategy to achieve your goals. We will carefully evaluate whether traditional litigation is necessary or if alternative dispute resolution methods are appropriate, before making an informed recommendation on how best to proceed.

Our conscientious firm uses care and foresight, often times discovering a path to resolution that allows you to avoid litigation entirely. We call on our corporate expertise to diligently structure agreements in order to avoid issues that may potentially lead to dispute. With our team of specialists working as an integrated unit—keeping an eye on the big picture while remaining focused on individual matters—you gain the piece-of-mind that your problems will be appropriately resolved while your business operations proceed uninterrupted.

Arbitration and Mediation

When your case calls for alternative dispute resolution, Guzov offers a wide range of services that prove both time and cost efficient. We painstakingly prepare and scrutinize agreements, and will advise on whether or not arbitration clauses are necessary for inclusion. In the case that it is advisable, we will prepare the arbitration clause, including among other elements, a tribunal, venue, number of arbitrators, and choice of law based upon your individual requirements. Whether faced with domestic or international arbitration proceedings, our attorneys have the expertise and experience to confidently handle the situation with maximum proficiency.


When it is determined that litigation is the befitting route to achieve your objectives, we will work to develop a sound and efficient strategy to accomplish a favorable outcome in the courtroom. We have successfully litigated matters ranging from complex commercial contracts to disputes involving intellectual property, in addition to fraud, including securities fraud, securities, unfair trade practices, employment agreements, defamation, real estate, and estates. We are capable of taking cases through the appellate process to the highest courts, while demonstrating the flexibility and acumen in staffing the appropriate number of attorneys and paralegals in order to orchestrate cost-efficient  case management.

With Guzov in your corner, you will gain a partner that will be at your side every step of the way, providing strategy, budgeting, risk analysis, and key decision making while forging an enduring and rewarding attorney-client relationship.