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At Guzov we are proud of our professional staff, who share both the legal skills and commitment to service that enable them to provide our clients with the excellence they expect and are entitled to.

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Ami de Chapeaurouge

Ami de Chapeaurouge serves as trusted counsel to corporations and entrepreneurs in matters of Governance and Compliance, strategic advice, risk-gauging, and risk-liability mitigation, in addition to counseling on takeover, activist and otherwise challenge preparedness. Ami’s acumen extends to overall corporate, capital, and balance sheet structure improvements through restructurings, refinancing, and acquisitions, as well as divestiture approaches, including spin-offs, split-offs, institutional leveraged buy-outs, management buy-outs, and management buy-ins. Also serving in the role of transactional lawyer, Ami advises technology firms, family-owned businesses, and publicly held corporations in their life-cycle. His life- and business-cycle emphasis explains the focus on different developmental stages covered by such practice areas as Crowdfunding, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Fund activism, strategic and distressed M&A, acquisition finance, corporate finance and capital markets law, corporate restructurings and German, U.S. and EU regulatory matters. He is particularly well versed in the active ownership perspective of, and interplay between, passive institutional investors and activist hedge funds and investment partnerships; and assists debt and equity activist investors in coordinating campaigns (also in Germany and Asia), often with respect to companies overlooked or misunderstood by the market, or simply out of favor with investors.

Experienced likewise in capital-raising, acquisition and restructuring projects, and sometimes even critical investment decision-making, Ami represents a diverse range of founders, investors/sponsors, hedge funds, commercial banks, investment banks, family offices, and Sovereign Wealth Funds. He has helped structure, negotiate, and document a variety of cross-border joint ventures and strategic alliances in the U.S., Latin America, Northern Africa, the Far East, and across Europe, and has a background serving as advisor to various national and local governments in public-to-private and privatization transformations and otherwise as counsel on behalf of foreign consortiums in project realization and financings reconciling the public and private sectors.

A noted mentor and lecturer, Ami is a prolific speaker, presenter, and contributor to diverse publications and forums in Europe, Asia and the U.S. His topics of expertise range from cross-border corporate finance and legal disclosure practice and accounting to structure and efficiency optimization of transactions and securities, financial services, and banking regulatory regimes.


Dr. Ami de Chapeaurouge, LL.M. (Columbia)

S.J.D. (Harvard)

Rechtsanwalt (Frankfurt am Main)

Member of the New York Bar

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